What are YOUR Characteristics of a Desirable Street?

November 28, 2018

What are YOUR Characteristics of a Desirable Street?

Sometimes you know a desirable street when you see one. For example, a home on a cul-de-sac is enticing mainly because there isn’t any through traffic however everyone has their own opinion of a desirable location or street, what’s yours?

There are many other characteristics of a desirable street that may not be obvious to everyone and here are just a few:

Sidewalks. A sidewalk in front of your home is not only handy, it also adds to the property’s curb appeal. In addition, if you have kids, a sidewalk makes it easier – and safer – for them to play and visit neighbourhood friends.

Mature trees. Trees lining the street add depth and beauty. Most homeowners value front yard trees and would miss them if they were gone.

Safety. Unfortunately, some streets are more prone to crime and other issues requiring police intervention than others. Clearly, homeowners appreciate a street that’s known for being safe and located in a city or neighbourhood with a low crime rate.

Pride-of-ownership. When considering buying a home, it’s ideal to take a walk  through the neighbourhood and along the street. Do other homeowners take care of their properties? If they do, that pride-of-ownership indicates it’s a great place to own a home.

Location. Location to amenities is important for many people and where the street is located is just as important as its characteristics. Are things you want or need such as parks, schools, shopping, etc. nearby? Is the street in a desirable area overall?

Noise. This is a characteristic that can be invisible to the home buyer. If the street is in a flight path, or near a busy highway used by rush-hour commuters, you want to know!

A great street can dramatically improve your enjoyment of a home and everyone’s opinion of a great street is different.  Reach out and tell me what your favorite characteristics of a street would be! Or if you want to know more I can answer your questions about the characteristics of streets you’re considering and the surrounding area.