Top 5 Tips for Selling a Home in Winter

It might seem that everyone is hibernating for the winter, but home shoppers are still out there in the colder months. Here are few tips for making your listing stand out.


1. Stay warm

This is not the time to save a few bucks on your heating bill. You want to create a feeling of welcoming warmth, and you can't do that with a chilly house. If the home is vacant, keep the heater on a timer so the property is warm during showing times.

2. Lighten up

It's even more important to make sure each room is well-lit during the darker winter months. Table and standing lamps are quick fixes for a dim room.

3. Highlight seasonal features

Build a fire. Arrange some plush throws and fluffy cushions on the sofas in your finished basement. If your home has features that make it a cozy place to spend the winter, be sure to highlight them.

4. Show off your landscaping in photos

To help prospective buyers look beyond a winter's snowy or brown lawn and envision the property in warmer months, display photos of the house taken when things were green and blooming. Make a few flyers or a photo album and leave them out (and open) where buyers are sure to see them.

​5. Clear the way to a sale

Make sure the driveway, walkways, and porch are safe and free from snow and ice. Be sure to shovel your deck and patio so buyers can walk out and imagine enjoying them in warmer times.

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Be Prepared this Holiday  Season!

Fire Safety Tips & Common Household Items that Can Cause a Fire


Every year around this time home fires are a very real thing! With the holiday season upon us and people putting up their Christmas trees its a good reminder to make sure you are prepared and informed because you never want to smell smoke in your home and realize there’s a fire. That’s why it is important to be diligent about fire safety. Experts recommend that homeowners be especially careful with these common household items:


·      Portable heaters. Never leave a heater in a room unattended while also making sure paper and other combustible materials are well away from these units.


·      Electronics chargers. We all want our computers, tablets and smartphones to charge quickly. The price we pay for that convenience is chargers that pull in a lot of power and can get very hot. Keep them away from combustible material and don't leave them unattended either.


·      Smoking materials. Be careful with cigarettes, pipes, cigars and wood burning fires. Bedding and upholstery, which burn slowly and dangerously, are the source of 75% of smoking-related fires.


·      Candles. Never leave candles unattended for any reason. If you must leave the room, put them out.


·      Flammable liquids. These can include paints, thinners and some brands of cleaning products. Read labels carefully and follow the safety instructions.


Don't let your holiday season go up in smoke, make sure you add some fire prevention into your holiday plans.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



Adrian Michelutti
Adrian Michelutti